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about us

Carlos Soler Fernández and Luisa Fernández create fernandezsolermonrabal architects in the city of Valencia in 2001.

Our team is active in the field of health, educational, commercial and residential, both public and private.

what we offer

Our public and private clients involved have a team that develops the project from its conception to its stage of construction material.

This process includes the necessary adaptation to the current building regulations and the development of all accurate representations to the public and private agencies involved, from application to license the work. We also offer a comprehensive monitoring of the implementation to not only meet customer expectations but also with the quality requirements of the study itself.

But we try to offer something more than this, that no longer what it should require a study of architecture.

what makes us different

Project from the pursuit of quality and functional composition. We demand quality and offer it our primary goal.

Contemplate architectural quality as a result of spatial design and construction, adaptation to the functional program and the environment, the expressive value of materials ...

For us, the architectural quality is not a budget problem but the adequacy of the draft abstract to the budget, which is radically different. In the embodiments that we present you can see how a budget can be an opportunity to transform the modest virtue.

The identification of the study with his work ensures complete control over what is built with the flexibility to comply with the concerns of our customers.

We particularly appreciate the appropriateness of the architectural form to the client's needs. The project's success is that it has its own life for their uniqueness and also provides cover to the expectations of comfort and performance.

what we want

Our current research interests focus on the simple-complex dichotomy both in the treatment of space and the use of materials.

Our aim is to offer only a beautiful plant but attractive building space with the enhancement of the environment and the texture of materials.
Especially is this search for the texture as a liaison with the most intimate human scale what has motivated us in the last years of experimentation with elements of truss and tile, humble materials, low-tech but highly expressive.

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